Automotive Interior Repair

For the best and most affordable vehicle interior repair services, beginning from as low as $75, call and book your appointment at Automedix at 18663907776. We offer a wide variety of interior repair services focusing on different parts of a vehicle’s interior including cloth, vinyl, leather and plastic materials on the steering wheel, carpets, seats, center consoles, door panels, dashboards, armrests and pillars. To color match the interior colors, we use high-quality water-based dyes.

  • Repair or Replace?

    It is important to decide whether you want to repair or replace the damaged part in the car’s interior. Repairs usually cost less than half of the replacement cost and can be done in a fraction of the time as well. However, some repairs are only temporary; where this is the case, our technicians will advise you before you choose the route to be taken.

  • Should the damaged Area Be Cleaned?

    The damaged area does not have to be cleaned, but cleaning it is recommended. However, our technicians can clean it before the repairs are conducted. It is, however, important to note that cleaning the area may result in a noticeable change especially depending on its current condition.

  • How Long Until I Can Drive the Car?

    In most cases it only takes until the end of the repair job to drive the car again; however, some repairs may take a bit longer to dry. At most this takes a couple of hours.

  • Will the repaired Car Pass the Lease Inspection?

    Definitely; as a group of honest professionals, we would not perform the repairs if we had a doubt as to whether the car will pass the subsequent inspection.

  • Do you offer any warranties on vehicle interior repair jobs?

    In most cases, we offer warranties on the repairs conducted, however, some repairs are not backed by any warranty. Our technicians will advise you on whether there are any warranties offered before the specific repairs start.

Prices Starting From

Service Price
Leather repair $85
Vinyl Repair $85
Service Price
Cloth Repair $75
Plastic Repair $75


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