Lease Return Inspection

When returning your leased vehicle, a vehicle inspection will be completed. The leasing company gives you a Normal Wear allowance for minor imperfections of the vehicle, however any damages exceeding a 2-inch diameter in size or there normal wear and tear allowance will be charged back to you. Leasing companies hire body shops to repair these damages, and they could charge anywhere from $500 and up, It is much more economical to have the vehicle inspected with Automedix car inspector and know what the lease inspector will find ahead of time before returning your vehicle.

The rule of thumb for lease return chargebacks for exterior damage is a 2-inch diameter rule. This means any damage to the car/truck exceeding two inches in diameter will be billable to the leasor for repair after the return and inspection of the vehicle. One way to check your leased car or truck for Excessive Damage is to create a Cut-Out Template. Simply cut a 2-inch round hole into an index card or piece of paper and hold the Cut-Out Template over any missing paint, chips, scratches, or scrapes. If the damaged area exceeds the size of the Template you could be charged to repair that area.

  • What should I check before returning the car?

    Bumper damage: The plastic-covered bumpers on modern vehicles are very easily damaged. Leasing guidelines allow for some cosmetic damage. If repairs to the plastic bumper cover are required, dealer will charge anywhere from $400-$900. Automedix bumper repair start as low as $245.

    Windshield damage: Scratches larger than credit card size, stars, cracks, bullseyes and large chips are usually chargeable. Repair if possible before returning the vehicle, or consider replacement. In the alternative, you will likely be charged for a replacement at the higher price for an original equipment windshield.

    Interior damage: Holes, tears and cuts are all chargeable. Most interior damage can be repaired; seat and carpet stains can be redyed or removed by a professional, and many tears can be repaired. Vinyl tears in door panels can also be repaired in many cases. The lessor will likely charge to replace an entire seat cover or trim panel instead of charging for its repair

    Dents and scratches: Door Dings and Dents. You should wash a car and check it from every angle. Anything over 2 inches usually in not covered as a regular wear tear and you will be charged.

    Wheels: Most common damage. Curb rash and scratches. Automedix Repair cost is usually around $100-$150 when you can be charged for the same repair aound $300 at a dealer.


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