Scratch & Paint Chip Repair

Let us fix those minor scratches and chips. With the best equipment and training will get your car looking like new in no time! Automedix technician use different type of repair techniques depending on the damage. For scratches watersand and polish or special paint fillers. For paint chips we color match the paint by the OEM paint code of the car and using special tools touch up those damaged areas.

  • Will you be repainting the whole panel?

    No we use paintless repair techniques. All work done without removing original paint.

  • Will I still be able to see scratches or paint chips?

    In most cases scratches can be removed 100% unless they are too deep. We will advice before starting the repair. Paint Chips on other hand are still visible but not as noticeable. 70%-90% Improvement.

  • Why is it important to repair Paint Chips and Scratches?

    If you leave Paint Chip or Scratch exposed it will start to rust. It would lead to much more expensive repair down the road.

  • Will the Scratches come back?

    No. All the repairs are permanent.

  • Should I repair Paint Chips and Scratches before Lease Return Inspection?

    Its always better to stop by before the Lease Return Inspection. We would inspect your vehicle and let you know if there is any damage that might be exceeding the normal Wear Tear allowance. Our Lease Return Inspection are FREE of charge.


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