What We Can Do to Help You

We at Automedix perfectly understand the importance of your business. You certainly need to make sure that every vehicle is ready and in its top condition. You need to work hard in order to increase your profits, and high CSI rating while making sure that you are following EPA guidelines. For over 10 years now, Automedix has been offering repair services to both the domestic as well as import dealership industry, providing programs that are leaning towards the overall enhancement of key departments – New Vehicle Sales, Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales, as well as Service Drive.

New Vehicle Appearance – The CSI Program

The CSI Program at Automedix can certainly help you as a dealer to enhance the overall purchasing experience of your customers. Some vehicles may arrive with some unlikely dings and scratches. In order for you to make that sale today, Automedix can perform the necessary repairs right on your site, all in one day. Our repairs are high quality and are guaranteed under our Lifetime Limited Warranty. Your customers are happy, and you have definitely enhanced your CSI.

Pre-Owned/Recon Program

Our very own Pre-Owned/Recon Program can significantly improve your business by reducing recon time and expenses involved. The program can be expected to work for you immediately. We perfectly understand that time is gold. With our same-day service, as well as high quality repairs, we can move your inventory to the frontline faster and off your site quicker.

Service Drive Program

Automedix Service Drive Program allow you to offer your very own customers with same-day repairs. In turn, we will provide the services wholesale to you. With our services, you are not only working to increase your profit, but are also offering services to your customers. Automedix work with the goal of improving your bottom line.


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